What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a whole body and mind wellness exercise that is beautiful, calming, & fun to learn. Tai Chi is performed in unison with smooth deep breathing, transforming exercise into a meditative art. After practicing Tai Chi, people report feeling refreshed & energetic, while mentally calm & focused. Renowned in Asia and prescribed by doctors there for treatment of ailments, the practical health benefits of tai chi are well documented. In fact many scientific studies have shown tai chi to reduce blood pressure and relieve hypertension, improve overall cardiovascular function and heart health, while improving balance, bone density, and arthritis. As well people with injuries such as back and knee problems have reported significant results from Tai Chi practice.

The History of Tai Chi is a bit mysterious but today all Tai Chi follows the same principals. In Chinese Tai Chi means “perfect harmony of opposites”, and is symbolized using the spiraling Yin Yang diagram, which depicts the way opposites can flow together in harmony, as opposed to clashing or creating disturbance. In ancient China the practice of Tai Chi was created using this concept of yin & yang with the goal of balancing opposing forces in all areas of life, including your health, relationships, and self defense. Today, through practicing the arts the ancients have passed down, we can improve the way we exercise and live.