An Amazing Secret of Orchestra Conductors

A recent article disclosed evidence proving orchestra conductors lead healthier, longer lives than almost any other group and are known for their vitality and vibrancy. At first, it was thought that the constant exposure to music might be the key, but this was not found to be true of all musicians.

It was eventually discovered that it is the “wing-flapping” motions these conductors do while performing. Research showed that these upper body exercises provided a better cardiovascular work-out than lower body exercises like walking, jogging, and bicycling.

These upper body movements expand the muscles of the chest, opening the lungs and flooding oxygen to the entire body. The movements also cause your heart to pump vigorously to propel blood and nutrients to muscles and organs. Thus oxygen and blood are able to reach tight, tense, constricted areas lowering blood pressure and circulating more blood to the brain to sharpen thinking.

Many of us are tired, achy, and sore from so much of our time spent in constricted positions that reduce the flow of blood and oxygen  A pleasant solution  – if you don’t plan to start conducting an orchestra – is the wonderful “wing-flapping” motions of TAI CHI AND QI GONG.  Check our listings for a class that fits your schedule.

Facts regarding conductors are taken from an article by Dr. Susan Lark, M.D.

A Few Life Lessons Learned From Tai Chi

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Many times since beginning the study of Tai Chi,…

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