Cross Train Your Brain

A novel form of “cross-training” brain exercises called “neurobics is designed to generate new neural pathways by presenting the brain with unexpected sensory and emotional experiences according to Robin Manning, creator of Neurobics.

Because neurobics exercises the various areas of the brain using all the senses, the growth of neutrophins is possible to strengthen synapses and dendrites.  Some suggestions are:

1.  Try using the opposite hand you usually use to eat, brush your teeth, comb your hair, or shave.

2. When you wake up, try smelling something different from the usual coffee such as peppermint, vanilla or rosemary.

3. Close your eyes while you shower to stimulate your tactile sense.

4. Turn the photos on your desk or shelf upside down.

5. Try reading an article upside down ( it’s not as difficult as it sounds).

6.  If you frequently use an elevator, learn the Braille numbers for floors.

7. Create a “sensory canister” containing aromatic herbs and spices like sage, thyme, or cloves.  When you dial a phone number, take a whiff from the canister and see if you can remember the number.

8.  Break your routine by driving to work a different way, shopping in a different supermarket, or eating in a different ethnic restaurant.

Once you get the idea, you can easily come up with your own neurobics, and I would add, begin a new exercise such as TAI CHI that uses both body and mind in ways different from your usual daily activities.

For more information check out Rubin’s site: as well as our class schedule.