Joanne Stubblefield

Joanne began her studies with Master Shudong Li in 1993 while she was teaching English as a Second Language in Singapore. Immediately enamoured with Tai Chi, the Chinese people, their culture, and their language, she also began studying Mandarin Chinese.

Master Li has made it possible for Joanne to have the privilege of studying with China’s four “Diamond Grand Masters”. Her competition in national and international tournaments started in 1997, and she has won gold, silver, and bronze medals. Firmly believing in the many health benefits of Tai Chi, Joanne volunteers at a senior center and an assisted living facility.

Keung Chan

Keung Chan, born in mainland China, grew up on the streets of New York City following his family’s immigration to the U.S. Misplaced from his homeland, his life long dream was always to someday study authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.In 1996 his dream became a reality as he met Master Li Shu Dong who entered the U. S. on the basis of extraordinary ability in his art. When Master Li established his first studio, Keung and his wife and son were among the first students who came to study.Learning every form Master Li taught in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi and winning in martial arts competitions, Keung subsequently began to help the school by teaching. He is an invaluable member of the staff with many other talents and readily comes to the rescue whenever there’s a job that needs to be done.

Because of his background, Keung’s teaching has an especially practical nature. His techniques are clear and his expectations exacting.

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