Want to Slow Down The Aging Process?

According to health expert Deepak Chopra, if you want to slow down or even reverse the bio markers of aging (blood pressure, bone density, body temperature regulation, basal metabolic rate, immune function, sugar tolerance, muscle mass, muscle strength, skin thickness [amount of wrinkles] and hormone levels) practice one or more of the following:

1.   Practice a mind body exercise such as TAI CHI or yoga. *

2.   Change your perception of time; don’t be in a hurry.

3.   Get restful sleep.

4.   Eat fresh, nutritious food.

5.   Take at least two multivitamins with minerals daily.

6.   Exercise regularly.

7.   Don’t put toxins in your life including: toxic foods, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, toxic environments.

8.   Have a flexible attitude to minor hassles.

9.   Look at so-called problems as opportunities.

10.  Nurture loving relationships.

11.  Always have an attitude of curiosity, learning and wonder, and spend time with children.

If you have the attitude that you get better as you grow older in every way – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, then you will age in a much more graceful manner.

Adapted from “Health” by Deepak Chopra

Tai Chi Practice Each Day May Keep Shingles At Bay

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Alicia Chang, a recent study showed “…people who performed the slow, graceful movements of tai chi had a better immune response against the virus that causes shingles than those who attended health classes to learn good diet habits and stress management. Both groups were vaccinated with a chickenpox vaccine. After six months, the tai chi group had nearly twice the level of immunity as the education group, and tai chi combined with the vaccine showed a 40% increase in immunity over the vaccine alone.”

“An estimated one million Americans fifty and older – who have had chickenpox – are aflicted yearly with the painful, itchy rash. The chickenpox virus can remain dormant in the body and resurface as shingles years later.”

“Increasingly popular in the West, tai chi is already known as a good low-impact exercise. Now research suggests it offers benefits beyond improving fitness and balance.”

A Few Life Lessons Learned From Tai Chi

A number of years ago there was a redundant little phrase going around related to anything beneficial that said, “It’ll do you good …and help you, too …besides all the benefits you get from it!” For me, Tai Chi falls into that category.

Many times since beginning the study of Tai Chi,…

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