Our Day At Golden State Championships

A hush fell over the gathered crowd as Master Li Shu Dong’s  Golden State Championships Opening Ceremonies began in San Jose.  Our group proudly marched in with others who had come for Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu demonstrations and competition.

Following Master Li’s welcome and an impressive rendition of the National Anthem by one of his students, we joined more than two hundred to perform the 24 Yang Style Tai Chi Form and Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong.

As Master demonstrations started, an explosive Kung Fu group made us feel as if we were watching warriors at the Shaolin Temple.  More exquisite performances followed.  A large group, divided into rows, simultaneously presented Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, and Liu Zi Jue Qi Gong Forms endorsed by the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association (of which Master Li is Vice Director).  Master Gao Jia Min, beautifully dressed in white silk, elegantly flowed through the 24 Yang Style Tai Chi Form to the accompaniment of a small child’s playing the butterfly harp.

On and on the expertise was shown as tiny children seemed to fly through the air, teenagers  exhibited amazing power, and adults of all ages calmly showed internal strength.

What a wonderful experience it was  to be  part of such an occasion.  Some of our group enjoyed the “nearly Olympic”  feeling while others were inspired to raise levels of proficiency higher.  Thank you, Master Li, we look forward to more of your programs in the future.

World Tai Chi Day 2013

“We should do this more often,” was the general feeling expressed as about fifty Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioners enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air in Petaluma’s Lucchesi Park On Saturday, April 27.  Some obviously were experiencing the joy of practicing the forms in the great outdoors for the first time, and it is truly an awesome feeling.  For a day that had begun with a slight drizzle, warmth rose from the grass, and the sky became bright blue by 10:00 a.m.

As we raised our arms toward heaven, a song from childhood flooded my mind:  “God’s beautiful world… I love God’s beautiful world.  He made it for you; He made it for me.  I love God’s beautiful world.”

One World, One Breath – World Tai Chi Day came into being several years ago when a large group gathered at the end of April to celebrate Tai Chi.  The idea spread, and now the last Saturday in April – preferably at 10:00 a.m. – honors the many benefits of Tai Chi.  It circles the globe starting in the earliest time zones of New Zealand, continuing through  Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, ending in Hawaii at the close of the day, joining the world as one breath.

Tai Chi or Qi Gong for All Ages

Tai chi is an activity often referred to as being suitable for all ages. Is it really? My experience answers with a very strong YES! The youngest practitioner I’ve taught came to me when he was five years old. He said he wanted to begin classes, so I started to tell him all about Kung Fu as that is what most children his age practiced. He stopped me. “I don’t want to take Kung Fu,” he said, and I was thinking, “Why is he here?” He let me know right away; “I want to take Tai Chi,” he asserted, and I was delighted.

Spanning the age range 100 years is a dear lady who celebrated her 105th birthday in December. She comes every week to practice with her group. When she isn’t exercising, you might find her working a crossword puzzle or enjoying a little parakeet who likes to sit on her shoulder..

Tai Chi or Qi Gong for all ages? That about covers it.

Coaches’ Training Course

The first Health Qi Gong Coach Training Program sponsored by China Health Qi Gong  Association in the USA was hosted by Master Li Shu Dong, president of USA Health Qi Gong Federation at his studio in Cupertino.   The course, held June 12, 13, and 14,  met six hours each day.  Two excellent professors from Beijing University, Masters Liu, Yuping and Song, Weixiu led the sessions.  As our goal was to become certified at National Coach Level, the program was intense and demanding with testing at the close of the last day.  The four Health Qi Gong Forms – Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Yi Jin Jing, and Liu Zi Jue –  chosen and being taught world-wide by China’s Health Qi Gong Association, were all taught during those three days, and each participant could choose which form or forms to be tested on.  I decided to try all four, thinking to give myself better odds, and was very pleased to be certified in all four.

One World, One Breath

Another beautiful day, another delightful gathering as fifty plus Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioners shared their various forms in Cotati’s lovely La Plaza Park on World Tai Chi Day.  Bob Flannery’s group that practices there each Saturday beginning at 9:00 a.m. was first on the scene, and others soon followed.   

Everyone joined us in our head-to-toe warmup, Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong, and 24 Movement Yang Tai Chi – which they insisted we repeat three times.  Bob then led us through some of his warmups, Qi Gong, and parts of their Tai Chi Form.  We followed Juliette, who teaches Qi Gong,  and relaxed into  gentle movements as we enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine and the refreshing breeze.  This special  time came to a close with a stunning Tai Chi Fan performance by Maggie Mackey who also teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The joy of being together, meeting new people, and experiencing different forms is a pleasant memory we carry with us and hope there will be more such occasions.

Learning With The Masters

Master Miao Fu Sheng leading 5 animal form Qi Gong workshop: <br />TIGER Claws 'Seizing The Prey'
Master Miao Fu Sheng leading 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop: TIGER Claws 'Seizing The Prey'

On the most beautiful day we have had all year, more than fifty practitioners gathered in Rohnert Park’s attractive Burton Recreation Center to learn centuries old Qi Gong movements for maintaining and achieving health and well-being.  Master Li Shu Dong, a former professor in China’s Luo Yang University who immigrated here in 1996 with exceptional ability in the field of martial arts, opened the event with an awe inspiring Tai Chi performance.  Wearing shimmering gold silk, he moved majestically as each elegant movement flowed with incredible balance and control.

Qi Gong Master Miao Fu Sheng 5 Animal Form: Deer antlers photo
'Colliding with the (Deer) Antlers' ~ Master Miao Fu Sheng leading 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop

Next, Master Miao Fu Sheng, professor from China’s Liao Ning University, who is traveling around the world with a the Chinese Health Qui Gong Association, demonstrated and proceeded to teach us the Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Form).

Qi Gong Master Miao Fu Sheng leading 5 Animal Form workshop: Monkey Picking Fruit
'Monkey Picking Fruit' ~ Master Miao Fu Sheng leading 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop
Instructor Keung Chan learning bird wings over head position at Master Miao Fu Sheng's 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop
Instructor Keung Chan learning Bird Wings (stretching over head) position at Master Miao Fu Sheng's 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop

This Qui Gong set encompasses the brave and wild temperament of the tiger, the rapid, smart and brisk pace of the running deer, the heavy, steady swaying of the bear, the nimble, cunning movements of the monkey, and the crane stretching it legs and spreading its wings for flying.

Master Miao’s delightfully interactive personality was a perfect fit for the lighthearted charm of the animals’ spirits. Though his explanations were in Chinese, translated by Master Li, his clever insertions of colloquial English – such as OK – and counting in English were enjoyed by the group.

As the workshop came to a close, we went our separate ways feeling refreshed and appreciative of the two masters who had so suberbly shared their wisdom and skills with us.  In our hearts, we vowed to continue personally practicing as well as sharing these movements for ultimate health.

Master Miao Fu Sheng finishing 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop in Rohnert Park California, brushing energy over head, down body
'Brushing energy over head, down body to Dan Tien' ~ Master Miao Fu Sheng finishing 5 Animal Form Qi Gong workshop in Rohnert Park, California

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Workshop – Rohnert Park, California

On Saturday, April 21, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m., Master Miao Sheng Fu, professor from China’s Liao Ning University, will lead a Qi Gong workshop teaching the ancient Wu Qin Xi Form.   as a special bonus, MasterLi Shu Dong will teach his Eight Tai Chi Essentials.  No previous experience is necessary.

Please join us for a delightful afternoon at the Burton Recreation Center, 7421 Burton Avenue, Rohnert Park, next to Mountain Shadows Junior High School ( Corner of Southwest Bulevard and Burton Avenue) and park in the school parking lot.