Tai Chi or Qi Gong for All Ages

Tai chi is an activity often referred to as being suitable for all ages. Is it really? My experience answers with a very strong YES! The youngest practitioner I’ve taught came to me when he was five years old. He said he wanted to begin classes, so I started to tell him all about Kung Fu as that is what most children his age practiced. He stopped me. “I don’t want to take Kung Fu,” he said, and I was thinking, “Why is he here?” He let me know right away; “I want to take Tai Chi,” he asserted, and I was delighted.

Spanning the age range 100 years is a dear lady who celebrated her 105th birthday in December. She comes every week to practice with her group. When she isn’t exercising, you might find her working a crossword puzzle or enjoying a little parakeet who likes to sit on her shoulder..

Tai Chi or Qi Gong for all ages? That about covers it.

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