Coaches’ Training Course

The first Health Qi Gong Coach Training Program sponsored by China Health Qi Gong  Association in the USA was hosted by Master Li Shu Dong, president of USA Health Qi Gong Federation at his studio in Cupertino.   The course, held June 12, 13, and 14,  met six hours each day.  Two excellent professors from Beijing University, Masters Liu, Yuping and Song, Weixiu led the sessions.  As our goal was to become certified at National Coach Level, the program was intense and demanding with testing at the close of the last day.  The four Health Qi Gong Forms – Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Yi Jin Jing, and Liu Zi Jue –  chosen and being taught world-wide by China’s Health Qi Gong Association, were all taught during those three days, and each participant could choose which form or forms to be tested on.  I decided to try all four, thinking to give myself better odds, and was very pleased to be certified in all four.

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