Taking Control of Your Diabetes

What a perfect day the TCOYD had for their Santa Rosa Conference.  Eight hundred men, women, and children gathered at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek for an all day program offering the latest information and technology for “Living Well With Diabetes”.  The Special guest speaker, Billy Mills, 10,000 Meter Race Olympic Gold Medalist, who is living well with diabetes, told the audience about his “Journey to Happiness and Understanding”.

It was my pleasure to introduce Tai Chi and Qi Gong – ideal exercises as a part of the over-all healthy lifestyle presented throughout the day for preventing diabetes, or, for those already diabetic, preventing complications.

Soft music was playing in the background while we practiced the Tai Chi/Qi Gong motions as the sun shone warmly over the beautiful courtyard.   Participants breathed deeply, and murmured surprised realizations:  “The pain I’ve had all day is gone;” “This feels so good;”  “It’s so relaxing.”   Sharing the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and talking with so many delightful people made my day truly wonderful.  I hope to be a part of this whole health centered convention whenever it comes to our area again.

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